Bringo in the recreational sector

Since 2008 we sell, rent and maintain electric golf carts and shuttles. Among our clients you will find campsites, hotels, resorts, holiday parks, zoos, amusement parks and other companies in the recreational sector. Our golf carts and shuttles are environmentally friendly eyecatchers and often indispensable tools. We have a wide range of new and used vehicles.

A selection from the endless applications:

  • Golf cart with open loading platform for landscaping
  • Golf cart with closed body for cleaning service or linen service
  • Shuttle with closed cabin and bucket with roller shutter for technical service
  • 14-person Bringo for transport to and from the kids club
  • 8 + 14 shuttle train to show tourists the area

Because we do the final assembly ourselves and sell directly from the factory, we can keep prices very competitive for both the vehicles and various options. In addition, there are possibilities for rent and lease.