Bringo LPM-23

This is the largest electric bus in our range. Up to 23 people can be transported. Ideal for nature parks and large holiday parks. Equipped with powerful 9kW electric motor and double battery pack for extra action radius.

Expandable with:

  • all-weather enclosure
  • Speaker system
  • Doors


Bringo Luxurious People Mover-23
Power source: 9kW electric motor
Electrical system: 72V Curtis controller
Charger: 72V fully automatic charger
Batteries: Double pack: 12 x 6V, 216Ah
Suspension: Rack & Pinion
Brake: 4-wheels hydraulic braking
Parking brake: Present
Driving range: 80 km
Speed: 24 km/h
Maximum slope capacity: 20,0%
Weight: 2130kg
Wheelbase: 342cm
Turning radius: 8.5m
Dimensions: L: 5m60 B: 2m10 H: 2m21

Additional information

Type vervoer

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