Bringo road train

The perfect electric alternative to the event train or tourist train. The Bringo LPM-14 + 14 train has a heavy 7.5 kW engine and effortlessly transports visitors to your municipality, camping or nature reserve.

Increase the reach within your municipality in a sustainable manner. Moreover, this tourist train is a real eye-catcher and therefore also an ultimate marketing tool.

Expandable with:

  • all-weather enclosure
  • Speaker set
  • Wheelchair place / ramp


Bringo road train
Power source: 7.5kW electric motor
Electrical system: 72V Curtis controller
Charger: 72V fully automatic charger
Batteries: Double pack: 12 x 6V, 216Ah
Suspension: Rack & Pinion
Brake: 4-wheels hydraulic braking
Parking brake: Present
Driving range: 80 km
Speed: 24 km/h
Maximum slope capacity: 20,0%
Weight: 2500kg
Turning radius: 10m
Dimensions: L: 10m90 B: 1m52 H: 2m03
Standard accessories:
Electrical horn
Lighting system
Window wiper

Additional information

Type vervoer


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