Bringo in the health care sector

Bringo supplies and maintains electric golf carts and electric shuttles in the healthcare sector. After many years of experience, we know how important it is to be a reliable partner. We are not afraid of challenges and in the past we have realized, among others, the following projects:

For many hospitals we have provided people shuttles to bridge the distance between parking and entrance. In 90% of the cases these were closed vehicles (curtainsides or doors). Depending on the available space, we have supplied 4-6-8 and self-14 seats.
In addition to the outdoor shuttles, we also supply vehicles with a small turning circle for indoor use. Usually a Bringo PM-2 + 2 is chosen with which, in addition to the driver, 3 people can be transported.
For goods delivery or technical service we have several Bringo’s with loading platform available. These loading platforms have many variations. Open, closed, with shutters etc.

Service en temporary transportation

Bringo’s have to run. A golf cart or shuttle that doesn’t work is useless. Bringo has a large warehouse with spare parts and a great deal of technical knowledge to keep your fleet in optimal state.


Many accessories are now standard in our range. Think of folding steps, rollatorcarriers and boarding brackets. But also specific safety requirements such as GPS tracking.