Bringo LPM-4

An electric shuttle of high quality. The technique is very similar to that of our ‘golf carts’, but the look is totally different. A real eye-catcher that one can appreciate. Easy to use and maintain. Ideal as a shuttle service for parking garages, holiday parks or hospitals / care institutions.

The Bringo LPM-4 is already completely complete but can be expanded with:

  • Towbar
  • Rain sailing
  • Doors
  • Bench instead of chairs so that 5 people can be transported
    etc…. (customization is our specialty!)


Bringo Luxurious People Mover-4
Power source: 3kW electric motor
Electrical system: 48V Curtis controller
Charger: 48V fully automatic charger
Batteries: 8x 6V, 170Ah
Steering: Recirculating-ball
Brake: 4-wheels hydraulic braking
Parking brake: Present
Driving range: 50 km
Speed: 25 km/h
Maximum slope capacity: 20,0%
Weight: 760 kg
Wheelbase: 212cm
Turning radius: 6m
Dimensions: L: 3m28 W: 1m38 H: 1m90

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